Replaceable Filter Navy Blue N99 Mask

Replaceable Filter Navy Blue N99 Mask

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  • Washable
  • Replaceable N99 filters
  • Adjustable ear straps
  • Built-in metal strips
  • Includes 3 pcs. Of N99 replaceable filters per order

Breathe Clean

Metro Manila - Marikina, Philippines

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Breathe Clean™ dust masks with N99 ratings are capable of filtering out PM2.5 airborne particulate matter with up to 99 percent to 99.97 percent efficiency


Pollution & Smog: Filters out particulate matter PM2.5 found in smoke and dust

Asthma & Allergies: Avoid air borne particles that can cause irritation

Flu and diseases: Helps protect from bacteria and viruses (not for clinical settings)

Can be used by commuters, bikers, motorists, people with asthma, people with allergies, industrial workers (not including chemical exposures), traffic enforcers, and many more others!

For heavy exposure with daily use, replace N99 filters every 2-4 weeks. For moderate exposure with regular use of 1-3 times a week, change filter every 1-2 months.

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