Keimav Quality Electrothermal Water Bag Set of 2 ag2-947 (Multicolor)

Keimav Quality Electrothermal Water Bag Set of 2 ag2-947 (Multicolor)

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  • Heat lasts for up to 2-8 hours (depending on environment)
  • Can safely be used on stomach, back, shoulders, neck, legs
  • Automatic temperature control to avoid over heating
  • Cordless: heat, unplug and use
  • Light indicator for heating


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Keimav Quality Electrothermal Water Bag (Multicolor) Set of 2 ,Unlike traditional rubber bottle, Heating Pad can be used for 2-4 hours continuously after a single charge of 3-4 mins Auto warm function Charge for 8-12 minutes and the water that you fill remains warm for the next 2-4 hours. This makes it the best portable rechargeable heating pad with no smell and no side effects, easy to use and carry. Shock proof charge like mobile anywhere in hotel, train, airport, office,hospital, etc., less electricity consumption for quick relief from - backaches, sprains, muscular and joint pains, abscesses, boils and women related pains. Works great as hand/feet and body warmer also. Easy operation - It contains permanent pre filling solution. Specification : Wattage is 600W Weight : 1500 gms Dimension: 10"x7" Upper Fabric : Unlike the normal cheap heat pads made of PVC, the electric heating pad is made of high quality outer layer which makes it hot very fast and retains its warmth for a longer period of time Washable : Yes due to High Quality Upper Fabric, cleaning it is very easy.

1. Insert the power cord on the product to the socket and connect to the power.
2. A red light (indicator) starts immediately showing the heating is in process. 
3. One can switch off in a few minutes according to the heating requirement. 
4. Heat pad is ready to use and once charged will remain hot for another 2 - 4 hours minimum.

 In The Box :2 x keimav Quality Electrothermal Water Bag (Multicolor) Set of 2
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