Coconut Spicy Vinegar 150ml set 3

Coconut Spicy Vinegar 150ml set 3

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GreenLife Coconut Products Philippines Inc.

Green Life Coconut Products Philippines Inc. (GreenLife) is a social enterprise company based and engaged in manufacturing and processing high value coconut products for food, neutraceutical and cosmetic applications such as VCO, coconut sugar, and other high value coconut-based products.

Quezon, Philippines

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A organic coconut sap which is mixed with different spices. It has a rich sour smell and is moderate brown in color. Moreover, the product has a highly spiced with a hint of sourly flavor.

General Usage: 

It can be used in salad dressing, cooking and other culinary purposed. 

Product Benefits:

Delicious with authentic coconut sourness, with all benefits of apple cider vinegars plus 17 amino acis, lower blood sugar response to meal , with prebiotic that promote digestive health.

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