Gamech 5th Gen Fast Magnetic Charger and Data Sync Nylon Cable for Type-C

Gamech 5th Gen Fast Magnetic Charger and Data Sync Nylon Cable for Type-C

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  • Data sync & power charging
  • Nylon braided
  • Length of the cable: 1m
  • LED charging indicator
  • Detachable magnetic connector, Easy to connect, easy separation
  • SAFE. CE ROHS Certified


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  • Never again worry about breaking your charging port from repeated use or putting the plug in the wrong way!
  • 2.1A - 2.4A Fast Charging and Strong Magnet. Can attract the connector from 3cm away. It is so easy to use you could do it with your eyes closed.
  • Firm and Quality braided nylon. No loose strands.
  • Our Gamech magnetic connector has 10 female pins and Gamech magnetic cable has 5 male pins.Please note that our cablecan work only on Gamech5th Generation Micro-usb, iOS and TypeC connectors.
  • The product does not include wall adapter.
  • This cable charger can both be useas a charger and data file transfer. If you encounter "USB Device Not Recognized" while plugging in,just reverse the cable connector to its correct position.
  • If your phone has security authentication, you must unlock your phone first to enable the data feature and access your files.
  • If data cable is not detected, you need to detached any conflicting USB devices or restart computer.
  • To reach 2.1A to 2.4A capacity, you need to use a fast charger adapter.
  • You may sometimes notice the cable head being relatively warm which is normal for fast charging but if it extremely heats up, this is due to defective adapter releasing more than 2.4A power or heavy apps running on the background of your phone. Please do either of the following: change adapter immediately, set your phone to airplane mode while charging, use a powerbank or try charging it via pc/usb laptop.
    • Magnetic cables are prone to attract magnetic particles so avoid dropping it. To remove magnetic particles, use the magnetic connectors to pull the particles, wipe and repeat until all particles are gone.
    • The cable is made of good quality material to last long but nothing beats the practice of taking care of your gadgets. Avoid dropping and pulling it.
    • ALWAYS THINK SAFETY. This cable is CE ROHS Certified so please avoid purchasing fake, clone, and cheap 5th Gen magnetic cables in the market.

Note: If you require additional connectors or tips, please search "gamech 5th gen magnetic tips"

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