Rice Up! Beebeelee Introduces Black Rice From Surigao Rice Farmers

Rice Up! Beebeelee Introduces Black Rice From Surigao Rice Farmers

Alan Balondo, a rice farmer from Mainit, Surigao del Norte has been working as an organic rice farmer for two years now. He shifted to organic farming after realizing that he can make a small contribution to preserving the planet by changing his farming practice. Being one of the founders of the Mainit Organic Farmers’ Association, he has been advocating planting a variety of black rice without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

According to Balondo, organic rice farming is his way of living out of his concern for the consumers and the environment -  He shared that since he also eats his produce, he does not want to feed himself with poisoned or chemically-contaminated food, a view echoed by his customers. Thus, it is normal that people who consume organic produce sometimes come across insects in raw food. These are quite easily washed off during food prep.

Despite his group's effort to promote organic farming, they are faced with the dilemma and the reality that currently, there is a low demand for organic black rice in the market.

Being part of Beebeelee’s thrust to support local communities, the company is making its platform available to ensure that the organic black rice is accessible and available to the untapped market

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