Marawi Watch through the Eyes of Ibarra Manila

Marawi Watch through the Eyes of Ibarra Manila

More than a year has passed since the Marawi siege but the Maranao communities still need our help. Families still live in evacuation centers and are in need of supplies to help them get by. When the Beebeelee team visited Marawi City, we had the opportunity to talk to them and hear their needs. Thus, the #OneBoxOneMarawi initiative was born. Building on the success of the delivery of the first batch of boxes, we have collaborated with Ibarra Manila and Bughaw Digital to create a watch collection that honors the royal and elegant culture of the Maranaos and at the same time call the attention of the public to help our internally displaced brothers and sisters.


For Ibarra Manila, creating a Marawi watch is their way of advocating for the preservation of Philippine culture - specifically that of the Maranaos, and at the same time, being an instrument of goodness to those in need. The Marawi siege happened a day after the country's President acknowledged Ibarra watch and wore it to Russia. A few months after, Ibarra watches were given to the State leaders during the ASEAN Summit in Manila. Since then, Ibarra became a popular brand for corporate executives, yuppies, millennials, and watch enthusiasts; hence, the desire to do something special for social causes now that they have more capabilities to extend support.


Marawi Collection. Ibarra Manila collaborated with Beebeelee to develop an ingenious way of assisting those families affected by the siege through a Marawi Collection where the watches serve as a reminder on the day-to-day struggles for normality and regularity of the Maranao communities. Together with Bughaw Digital, a digital marketing company, who designed the straps, a specialised and iconic Marawi watch that captures the richness of Maranao culture was created.

The Marawi Collection features watches that echo a classic military aesthetic through its sandblasted case, domed acrylic glass, and vintage minimalist dials. It houses a reliable automatic Miyota 8215 movement in a 38mm case. What’s remarkable about this collection are the Maranao-inspired straps that will feature the creative tradition of the Maranaos, namely: Okir, Gadur, Langkit, and Sarimanok.


The elaborate pattern of Okir, the symbol of the cultural heritage of the Maranao, is distinct with its elaborate vine and leaf patterns that stand out along with its geometric and flowing design.


The intricate designs seen on the overlay of the Gadur jars complements the timepieces with brass buckles and locks that speaks of affluent elegance.


The Langkit strap recreates the Maranao flat-woven cotton strip that upholds their Royal colors with a simple yet elegant wearable pattern.


The Sarimanok, reimagined as a strap, pays homage to the mythical bird’s majestic colors, offering good fortune and a charmed life to those who wear it around their wrists.


To order. You can pre-order the Marawi Collection special package at a starting price of  PHP14,799.75, a Marawi watch with all the four straps will cost PHP 16,999.75. Every purchase comes with a special box that will be sent to the community supported by the #OneBoxOneMarawi initiative.

Buying an Ibarra Marawi watch will go a long way in helping the displaced communities. Let’s join hands to rebuild Marawi, one tick at a time. The pre-ordering period starts on September 12, 2018 at Be part of the #OneBoxOneMarawi initiative and get yours now!