Indio Filipino Clothing

Indio Filipino Clothing

Fashion is undoubtedly part of our everyday lives, whether we're aware of it or not. A famous fashion designer once said that “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”.

Every culture has its distinct style of dressing. In a typical Filipino setting, we have ethnic groups that still honor their ancestors’ way of dressing on special occasions, like the Ifugaos in the North with their bahags or the Maranaos from down South who still wear their malongs as their way of showing appreciation for their heritage and culture .

This is where Indio Filipino Clothing comes in. Indio Filipino shows its love for culture and history in a simple but beautiful way: printing it on shirts and headgear. The designs may be simple, but they have deeper meanings behind them. Wearing one is like making a statement of patriotism with prints like “Filipino” and “Kayumanggi” in Alibata Baybayin-our pre-colonial writing system that has since been overshadowed, but is now being recognized as an important foundation of Filipino culture.


They also have tribal tattoo designs from all over the Philippines.

In photo: Baybayin and Tribal Art series

Plus, they have the Bayani series, where they feature our National heroes with their pen names.

Heneral Luna, everyone!

he co-owner of Indio Filipino Clothing, Menan De Leon, is not just dedicated to sharing the Filipino culture by selling shirts. He also wants to change people’s minds about the meaning of “Indio”. We all know how this word has had a negative connotation back in the Spanish era, but now he wants to reclaim the word and turn it into a positive trademark for the Filipinos; a word that you would be proud to call yourself as a Filipino.

Game-changer Menan De Leon

De Leon values the consumers. Inspired by the Filipinos he observed way back when he was still in the Middle East who were into foreign brands, he also wants to give the Filipinos the quality that they deserve for their hard-earned money. He assures customers that every shirt they sell would be of high quality; that’s lowkey public service right there.

Wear your pride, kababayan! WeAr Kayumanggi, WeAr Indio Filipino. Available now on Beebeelee!