6 TEArrific Facts about Licked Icea Tea

6 TEArrific Facts about Licked Icea Tea

No one loves iced tea as much as Filipinos. Just look at every restaurant menu in the Philippines; you’re bound to see some there. A lot of them, however, cater to the lower end of the spectrum. There’s nothing bad about these, but it doesn’t truly maximize the level of flavor that you can get from a masterfully-made glass of iced tea. Thankfully, Beebeelee has just that---a brand that takes iced tea to a whole new level. Got your attention? Well, here are six facts you didn’t know about Lick Iced Tea.

Lick Iced Tea was founded 5 enTEAprenerus back in 2015.

Three years ago, a group of iced tea-loving individuals noticed a gap in the beverage market: a lot of drinks cater to the lower-end of the market. From that, they decided to make it a goal to concoct a new beverage that would cater to those hoping for masterfully-made iced tea. They began research and development in 2016, which included trial runs, lab & taste tests, to ensure that they were creating something special. They finally introduced Lick Iced Tea to the market in 2017 and haven’t looked back since.

They come in 5 disTEAnctly-delicious flavors.

In their quest to concoct a beverage that everyone will enjoy, Lick Iced Tea have come up with 5 insanely-good flavors. They’ve got flavors for everyone. Have a thing for the classics? Get your fix of the beloved lemon iced tea flavor with Sicilian Lemon. Grew up sipping on boxes and boxes of apple juice by the playground? Then the Giant Apple Tea is for you. Want an explosion of berry flavors? Try their Mixed Berries variant. And for those who love trying out new things, Southern Sweet Peach is the flavor for you.

They are as healTEA as iced teas can be.

You may have steered away from iced teas before this. They’re too unhealthy, you think. Too many calories. We’ve got news for you:  in every Lick Iced Tea bottle is a concoction made up of 100% Green and Black Tea extracts sourced from the best tea gardens in the world. They even use a combination of sugar & a natural sweetener in the form of Stevia Leaf extracts, a certified all-natural, non-GMO, calorie-free sweetener, making each bottle healthier by the grams and sweeter by the taste--it's the same amount of sweetness minus the calories. And yes, they’re all made in the Philippines.

They cater to the hip and young.

Lots of young people nowadays tend to gravitate towards items that speak to them. Lick Iced Tea is, in our opinion, the iced tea for the youth. Not only is it filled with everything good for you,, it’s also quite the looker on the outside. In a world of fat and short bottles, Lick uses very trendy, specially-made bottles that would fit right in your Instagram feed.

They have a cousin named Madagascar.

No, serious! Imagine having a bottle of Lick with you on a nice, warm afternoon. The sky is clear and the breeze brushes through your hair in waves. Missing something? Yup. Where’s your pulutan? Lick has got you covered with Madagascar Peanuts, a vanilla-flavored snack that was made specifically for you to nibble on as you enjoy a cold bottle of Lick.

They’re growing and spreading all around the country, and now online at Beebeelee.

Lick Iced Tea can now be bought at over 50 establishments* nationwide, like Landmark,  Landers Superstore, Poké Poké, and so many other places. Oh and did we mention you can buy this right now. Yes, right now at Beebeelee.com! Not bad for a beverage that just made itself available a year ago.

The next time you’re craving for an out-of-this-world beverage, try Lick Iced Tea. With its trendy packaging, natural ingredients and vivid flavors, Lick will surely blow your mind away. Grab a bottle today!

Not too keen on braving the metro’s traffic today? We got you.

Buy a 6-pack of Lick Iced Tea here:

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