ARM WRESTLER MANIA Funny Game (Obama VS Kim Jong Un)

ARM WRESTLER MANIA Funny Game (Obama VS Kim Jong Un)

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  • Arm Wrestle Mania
  • Where a fatal combination of finger strength and speed will earn you the title of champion!
  • 8.26*4.33*5.11 inches
  • 3 AA batteries required. (Not included), USB Power

Copacabana Ivory

Quezon City, Philippines

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  • Play the ultimate battle of brawn against a friend to see which of your meatheads will win. When you hear the enthusiastic "3, 2, 1, GO" followed by a bell, begin quickly hammering away at the power button to fuel your arm wrestler while he pushes down your opponent's arm. As the struggle continues, youll hear the crowd go wild while your arms waver until one reaches the ground! This arm wrestling game includes batteries and is fun for any age!
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