Keimav Moby Baby Moon Walker Safety Harness

Keimav Moby Baby Moon Walker Safety Harness

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  • Ages of 6 to 14 months
  • Made of 60 % fabric cotton
  • Allowable weight 5kg - 8kg
  • Length and width can be adjusted
  • Ideal way for the child to learn how to walk freely and balanced
  • Designed to help the child to walk safely and in comfort


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Nothing compares to the joy you get when you see your baby’s first steps. Get them ready for that glorious moment with the Moby Baby Moon Walker Safety Harness.

This safety harness works like you baby’s assistant and helps your little ones learn how to walk safely and securely. With the help of an adult, the Moby Baby Moon Walker Safety Harness helps develop baby’s balance. Plus, it’s designed for optimum comfort both for baby and mommy because it’s made with 60 percent fabric cotton while its length and width can be adjusted too.

The Moby Baby Moon Walker teaches your child how to walk freely. Let those first few guided steps lead the way to more precious moments with your babies as they learn how to walk on their own.

Instructions for the Moby Baby Moon Walker Safety Harness:
- Make sure the plastic locks are tightened.
- Keep the child away from flammable substances.
- Do not leave children unattended while using the Assistant Walker Harness.
- Handwash only in cold water.
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