Cafe Sito Iced Coffee Blend Bundle

Cafe Sito Iced Coffee Blend Bundle

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Another blend is the blend recommended for Iced Lattes - patterned after how Monica would take her Iced Lattes in third wave coffee shops in New York City. This blend can also be taken black and has a more balanced flavor, also not very bright or acidic - when taken with milk can have a very smooth hazelnut flavor even without sugar. 
Suggested way to serve iced latte:
3/4 cup of milk/nut milk over ice
2 shots of espresso poured over

As a tribute to Alfonso Recto Jr.’s life fully lived, Cafe Sito 2.0 is a tribute to all the things he loved.

Metro Manila - Makati, Philippines

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Cafe Sito was released on October 12, 2018 to honor the 1 year passing of Alfonso “Sito” Recto Jr. The coffee brand was started by Monica Recto both as an advocacy to help the farmers and keep the memory of her father alive.
Back in the 80’s Alfonso “Sito" Recto Jr. had a cafe across Makati Medical Center - and Monica always joked that she would revive it. The designs represent Sito’s love for life, nature music, breakfast and coffee - as well as his band and his famous paella recipe.
Nearly 40 years later - Monica has travelled to Benguet in partnership with Bote Central, and hopes to assist in planting coffee in highland areas. Because coffee plants take 5 years to yield, she buys green beans from Ampucao and Atok in Benguet. Majority of the farmers she sources from are women. The beans are 100% Arabica. 
She works closely with the roasters to create two very special blends.
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