4 Styles in a Pack

4 Styles in a Pack

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Sample all 4 style of Santiago Craft Brewery's beers with this pack. Get 3 bottles of Amihan Blonde Ale, 3 Bottles of Habagat Amber Ale, 3 bottles of Ipu-Ipo India Pale Ale and 3 bottle's of Buhawi Chocolate Stout.

All our beers are personally handcrafted and are meticulously brewed using the finest ingredients possible. We do not filter and pasteurize to protect the freshness and full flavor of our brewers, hence some yeast sediments may occur at the bottom of the bottle. We are also the only brewery in the Philippines that makes and brews with our own Malt!

Santiago Craft Brewery is based in the mountains of Antipolo. We started brewing since 2013 but was mainly involved in the supply and production for the main ingredient of Beer, Malts. For more information regarding our beers, visit our official website https://santiagobrewery.com

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Amihan is a Blonde Ale brewed for the Filipino palette exclusively using our own locally produced Malts.

  • Flavor: Fruity sweet, tart, spicy, and refreshing.
  • Body: Light 
  • 330 ml craft beer
  • ABV of 6%
  • IBU of 20

Habagat is an Amber Ale. It is a moderately hopped American style Amber Ale. This beer is brewed with roasted malts for more caramel notes.

  • Flavor: Malty, Caramel, Hoppy
  • Body: Moderate
  • 330 ml craft beer
  • ABV of 6%
  • IBU of 20

Ipu-Ipo is an India Pale Ale. It is a hoppy version of the Pale Ale. It contains big herbal notes with intense layers of bitterness balanced with caramel malt flavors.

  • Flavor: Intensely hoppy, aromatic, malty, caramel
  • Body: moderate                                                                                            
  • 330 ml craft beer
  • ABV of 8%
  • IBU of 50

Buhawi is a beer with a roasty and creamy mouthfeel. This stout is brewed with roasted grains, locally made malts, oatmeal, and lightly hopped to bring out intense chocolate and coffee flavors.

  • Flavor: roast, creamy, sweet, caramel
  • Body: heavy                                                                                           
  • 330 ml craft beer
  • ABV of 6%
  • IBU of 15
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