ALACTECA Long Island Iced Tea

ALACTECA Long Island Iced Tea

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ALACTECA Long Island Iced Tea
ALACTECA's Long Island Iced Tea will make you change the way you think of this notoriously deadly drink. Made with real, freshly brewed iced tea instead of a splash of cola, the ALACTECA version is more palatable and smooth than the classic. Peach schnapps and triple sec give a fruity taste and aroma, but still keeping its kick. 21% ABV. Shake the bottle well before pouring into a glass filled with ice. 
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Metro Manila - Quezon City, Philippines

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Bottled and ready to drink Long Island Iced Tea
Freshly brewed vanilla citrus black tea, dark rum, gin, peach schnapps and triple sec
Rich, strong and smooth
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