Air Purifier Ionizer Handy Portable Air Magic Mini

Air Purifier Ionizer Handy Portable Air Magic Mini

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AirMagicMini Specification : 

Description : Mini Air Disinfection and Deodorization Purifyier
Model : AirMagic Mini
Main Features : Air Disinfection, Air Deodorization, Air Purification
Applications: Effective are upto 20square feet such as
shoe cabinet, Clothes Cabinet, Toilet, Refrigerator,
pet zone, Toy Zone, Inside Car, Desktop, etc.
Input Voltage : 5V, 1A
Battery Life : Built-in rechargeable battery, 500 hours operaion time
Unit Dimension : 3.44(H) x 2.88(W) x 2.88(D)inches
Net Weight : 175g

Metro Manila - Manila, Philippines

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AirMagic Mini is equipped with “Voltage Electrolysis Technology” to convert safety amount of ozone into air. With strong oxidizing power of ozone, it can decompose fungi, viruses and remove odor. AirMagic Mini is also a Negative lonizer for air purification.

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