A-Game Pain Relief Magnesium Spray 100mL

A-Game Pain Relief Magnesium Spray 100mL

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• prevents and relieves: muscle cramps, muscle soreness, and muscle tightness
• rapid transdermal absorption
• immediate cool down and instant cooling effect
• anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic


ºA-GAME Aftersport Athletecare™ is revolutionizing post-activity recovery for athletes through its first product, ºA-GAME Aftersport Rubdown™.

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Now called the Pain Relief Magnesium Spray, it now comes in a non-aerosol bottle with a spray top. Yes, this means the formula is also more concentrated so the pain relief you crave for will be more effective.

ºA-Game Pain Relief Magnesium Spray is the first Magnesium-based pain relief formula that goes directly to the problem area, addressing the root cause of the ache or pain, and relaxes the muscles, leading to more effective relief.

The combined formula of Magnesium and Ginger Oil is ideal for minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with:

✓ muscle soreness
✓ muscle inflammation
✓ neck and back pain
✓ chronic joint pain
✓ arthritis
✓ strains
✓ muscle stiffness
✓ rheumatic conditions
✓ sprains

✓ no itch or burn
✓ rapid transdermal absorption
✓ no residue
✓ non-greasy
✓ hypoallergenic

Hold nozzle 6 inches away and spray on problem area. Massage and/or rub as necessary.

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