A-Game Muscle Recovery Magnesium Spray 100mL

A-Game Muscle Recovery Magnesium Spray 100mL

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• prevents and relieves: muscle cramps, muscle soreness, and muscle tightness
• rapid transdermal absorption
• immediate cool down and instant cooling effect
• anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic


ºA-GAME Aftersport Athletecare™ is revolutionizing post-activity recovery for athletes through its first product, ºA-GAME Aftersport Rubdown™.

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The Aftersport Rubdown is now called the Muscle Recovery MagnesiumSprayThe same formula that has improved cool down routines and muscle recovery for thousands of athletes now comes with a spray top for easier application and a sleek new look.

With A-Game’s formula containing Magnesium Chloride, you can switch faster to a better recovery and:

✓ prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
✓ achieve an instant cooling effect
✓ avoid muscle cramps
✓ avoid muscle tightness
✓ increase flexibility
✓ get better sleep
✓ flush out toxins and lactic acid

✓ anti-bacterial
✓ no itch or burn
✓ rapid transdermal absorption
✓ no residue
✓ non-greasy
✓ fresh scent
✓ hypoallergenic

For immediate cool down, apply liberally to tired muscles after your strenuous activity. For relief from muscle fatigue, apply and massage again after a shower.

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